BIM is more than just modeling the buildings and their components. It is the process of collecting all the necessary information into one place in order to successfully start the life of the new project. The more details we provide the easier will be to build during the construction process and the more information we provide the easier will be to maintain the healthy life of the building in the future. It will allow building management to analyze any issue quickly and efficiently.

BIM gives Owner the opportunity to experience the design before it is built allowing necessary adjustments and therefore minimizing costly change orders.

BIM automates construction process, lowers cost by reducing errors and gets most out of the design due to better understanding of the project. BIM is the most vital part of the entire construction process and that is why we take our job extremely seriously.

This is what we produce on every one of our jobs: Coordination Model Content:

Exact 3 dimensional size and shape of structural and architectural elements, equipment, ductwork, piping, fittings and accessories (air distribution, valves, flex connectors etc.) positioned at proper location relevant to other building objects. This model is used for the coordination purpose.

Installation Drawing Content:

Exact width, length and objects location, showing annotations of sizes, dimensions from the control lines and elevations from the relevant Building Level. These are the drawings that will be produced as the final result of the coordination process, submitted as Shop Drawings and sent to the field to be used for installation.